Best Penny Boards of 2017

Top Affordable Penny Boards

With the increasing popularity of skateboarding, penny boards have also hit the mainstream media and the public has taken a liking to these small versions of skateboards. Not only does it appeal to a more general domain, but it also plays around with the design and color. This attracts more than just the typical skateboarder at the park.

Other than playing tricks, penny boards are also great for transportation. They are light and portable because of their small size. This makes it an easy type of transportation because most people would opt out of bringing skateboards everywhere. With the penny board, they can just put it inside their backpacks when they are not moving from one place to another.

Aside from transportation, penny boards are also used as decoration. Although it would be a total waste to simply hang them on the wall, there are those who like the aesthetics that colorful penny boards have. It might not be the best function of penny boards, but that does not mean there aren’t those who buy them just to decorate their living rooms or offices.

Whatever the reason may be, whether they are used to do tricks, to travel from one place to another, or for decoration, penny boards are multifunctional. This answers the question of why penny boards are starting to gain popularity not only in the skateboarding community, but the entire community in general.

The best penny boards are those that everybody can afford. If penny boards are too expensive, then only a selected few can enjoy these benefits. Fortunately, there are many quality penny boards that are sold in reasonable prices. The following are some of the best penny boards that come affordable.

Mayhem Penny Style Skateboard

This cheap penny board makes this list because it is affordable for many, all the while being made of quality materials. However, it is not advisable to use it to do tricks. Penny boards are already hard enough to control let alone doing tricks that regular skateboards or longboards can do. If transportation is what the customer is after, then this penny board is more than enough to satisfy that need.

Eightbit 27” Complete Skateboard

Another important factor in creating penny boards is its adjustability. The Eightbit 27” complete skateboard is a cheap penny board that is perfect for beginners. It is designed for stability with the wide trucks and the firm grips. This allows new riders to learn the basics without much difficulty. Another feature that makes this product one of the best penny boards available on the market is that it can be customized. Depending on the preference of the customer, each penny board can be customized from the color to the overall design.

nickel penny board

Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Many may know the original Penny board to be pricey. It makes sense because it was the product that started this trend. But the more people wanted them, the more company brands produce them. This makes the market saturate, thus, other companies lower down their prices for more people to buy them. One such brand is the Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard. It is relatively cheaper than most penny boards available for purchase. It is also great for those who are having trouble with balance. Its flexible features give support to those who are not yet used to riding penny boards.

There are many more penny boards that can be included in this list. However, these three are some of the best penny boards anyone can find on the market at a rather affordable price. For those who are still deciding which cheap penny board to get, visit this website They provide a thorough explanation of each penny board on the market in their product reviews. Furthermore, you can also check out Best Skate Gear’s penny board buying guide to help customers pinpoint which product they will be most satisfied.

Having a penny board can be pricey if the brand is what customers are after. Not only are they more expensive than longboards or regular skateboards, but their parts are also quite expensive as well. Despite all of that, quality should always be prioritized, especially for those who want to truly experience how much fun skateboarding can really be.